Move ft Sinclair

by Juggla

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Move deals with leaving this Western way of life whether physically,mentally, or spiritually. Touches upon the ills of this Rat-race.


Marcus Garvey words come to pass
Marcus Garvey words come to pass
You better Move from a disya Babylon
Before the wicked mon dem put a microchip in on yu arm
You better move from a disya Babylon
Before they lock out the border with a military plan
We nah follow dem, we nah deal with dem
Never bother with dem, never feeling dem
Coming upon the spot we teach the yout dem
Me ask the question who gwine help the children
Dem must be fool, a pure judgement fi dem
Just a brimstone and fire Selassie I fi send
Just because the diamond and the bling is the trend
Doesn't mean we have to jump of deep end
Dem waan put a barcode in your arm or your shoulder
Walk pon this hard road chased by vulture
Overstand how we teach the youth - roots and culture
G'way with your vaccination from me yout dem bout ya
Can't organize people and treat them like number
Just awaken the Lion of Judah from him slumber
Microchip in on me hand - you haffi prepare fi rumble
Roots and tree grow from cracks in concrete jungle
Now we got the proof- we got the evidence
Some of them move, some of them pack and change their residence
My money don't go to fund views of presidents
If you listen to Marcus(Garvey)- I know your sentiments
We sneak out the border- this ain't no Exodus
Cause if we Exodus they'll drop bombs next to this
We need a sniper -whole heap of perfectionist
Cause Babylon dem must be full up of exorcist
Iron staff in my hand is protecting this
Knock out four Babylonians if I flex me wrist
Rastafari give us shelter from the pestilence
And it's fir pon hard drugs ca we blessin the spliff
Dem intimidate - militarily
Deh waan fi lock us - unnecessarily
Deh waan fi rape up - Ann and Beverly
Deh cyaan't sing a tune to the melody
Deh waan fi turn a misdemeanor to a felony
And all their wickedness is coming from their jealousy
Dem the enemy - you know that dem no friend of me
And demma kill off Malcolm, and Martin, and Kennedy
Marcus Garvey words come to pass
Marcus Garvey words come to pass


released October 14, 2010
Juggla- vocals
Jess Jamez- production
Bass- Tom Grykien
Additional Vocals-Sinclair



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Juggla New Jersey

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