by Pidgin Droppings

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Collaboration of Pidgin Droppings and Juggla. Some Jugg tunes re-worked in a full band style and some original Pidgin Droppings chunes. Stay tuned for the full length LP.


released October 21, 2011

Vocals: Juggla aka Juggwise
Vocals: Nekeyia "Keykey" Lewis
Guitar: James Dellatacoma
Drums: Clyde Alford
Bass: Tom Grykien
Flute & Sax: I, Storm
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, & Alto Horn: Indofunk Satish
Keys on Rap Star and 2012 and additional vocals on 2012: Sinclair Johnson



all rights reserved


Juggla New Jersey

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Track Name: Reach Zion -PD
We are free if we want- we can reach for Zion
We are free...if we want
We are free if we want- Are we free?
(Jugg Verse 1)
Try fi reach Mt Zion but I'll never be a Zionist
Heart like a lion and pon mi side is a lioness
Technological age get approached like a scientist
Use some of these Babylonian tools for defying this
Leave this Western way of life physically or emotionally
Words of nuff greats from dub plates I hold close to me
Damn they're misquotin' me but my fans are promotin' me
And after I leave this place you could chant with the ghost of me
See me nah deal with Pope John Paul or Pope Mon Benedict
Me a deal with Ras Makonnnen and the Negus Menelik
King of Kings, elect of God spreading African etiquette
Similar to the Trinity- New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
I rate from the Tri-state and from this place we migrate
Promote culture music and you see a dip in the crime rate
See me a baldhead but me have a Nyabinghi mind state
Select me dubplate and watch empress' hips gyrate
(Jugg Verse 2)
Axumite Kingdom near the Mountains of Lasta
Solomonic ancestry Selassie I Rasta
It's obvious who built the original obelisk
At the base of the tomb is King Ezana sarcophogus
It's ominous how the Europeans tried to topple this
But here is the reason Ethiopia remained autonomous
Here come Menelik the II with the power of King Solomon
And the Queen Makeda of Sheba- the bloodline's astonishing
With the Ras and the Negus the army starts demolishing
With the Shewa and the powerful Orominya following
Italians tried to advance and reach Addis Ababa
But they got cut off and crushed at the Battle of Adwa
See they don't understand Ge'ez still spoken by Tigrinya
Outnumbered by the united peoples of Ancient Abyssinia
So come sistren come bredren - trod on fi Zion
Cause one way or another we gwine Leave Babylon
Track Name: Brainwash - PD
(Chorus- Keykey)
It's the Brain, it's the brain, it's the brain
Wash- oh yeah-(Keykey)
(Jugg)Emcees don't say, DJs don't play
the Brainwash music- don't say it
the Brainwash music- don't play it
I come through with the linguistics of an optimistic
While some get tricked with and straight confused by statistics
We gain freedom from escaping the materialistic
Culture that persisted within the imperialistic
Views that they choose is type psuedo-scientific
Clues of why they used to abuse is straight sadistic
But our culture got foundation like a wall of hieroglyphic
Babylon simplistic- they want us listed as pessimistic
See they wanna talk about Columbus but the Moors preexisted
Wanna put people in the back of the bus but they resisted
Non-believers steady laughin' at us but we dismissed it
Hip-Hop is not about a bunch of dudes gettin' spliffted
Cause all they wanna talk about is how we smacked it and flipped it
But we chantdown Babylon with intergalactic ballistic
A real lyricist- just the last of the gifted
On a mission to get this rap audience back cause they drifted
(2nd Verse)
You see this culture-move 360 degrees
The birthplace of Hip-Hop with medicinal trees
See now we gained the power and the position to freeze
It's the money and the corporations dismissin' the breeze
That be carrying the message you gotta listen to these
We revealing the truth -yeah we're lifting our sleeves
Exposing all the lies of the system indeed
With desperation- Babylon start afflicting disease
But when they piss in the breeze -see they hurtin' ya seed
It's not about what to believe versus personal deeds
Ya gotta look past the words, and the verse, and the weed
And lift up these birds- they ain't the worst of the breed
Steady donating cheese to the purse of the freed
Food, clothes, and shelter is what we certainly need
Kingdom done come so who's the person to bleed?
Protected by the knowledge that we verbally heed
Track Name: Rap Star
Rap Star
You may be a big Rap Star
You may drive a fancy car
And they love you in every way
They love you in every way
We don't know why- oh why
We don't know why- oh why
Well you may be very wealthy and drive a fast car
And you gwaan with Armani and you think you a star
But rememeber when you start with only one good shirt
You haffi ready fi stage show and you nah get no work
Well as long as me deh pon masta God Earth
Me never contrib fi di bloodclot- Babylon curse
So if me start fi sell out me haffi breaks and reverse
And that's why the roots and culture come first
But they still keep on loving you
I don't know why-oh why
I don't know why-oh why
Well demma hooked pon you sound like a big snapper fish
Even though you got no style and you talk nuff ish
Me cyan't overstand why the people like it
You haffi listen to the Juggla with the conscious lyrics
Me warn you bout the Babylon and all the politricks
A why you follow and the artist to the bottomless pit
Me a talk bout Selassie dem come with pure slackness
That's why the youts of today are in a damn crisis
They don't understand your tunes
But they still keep on loving you
I don't know why-oh why
I don't know why-oh why
Me never talkin about the bling and the diamond to get me pay
Me nah go repeat what every artist a go say
Cause copycat lyrics a go lead the youth astray
Dem talking about the gun- another one die every day
Well that's how it go so in a disya Babylon
When them tell you what is right but never set up a plan
Through this music a come the education
That's why the Rastaman and Baldhead join together as one
You may be a big Rap Star
You may drive a fancy car
And they love you in every way
They love you in every way
We don't know why- oh why
We don't know why- oh why
You may be a big Rap Star
And you may drive a fancy car
And they love you in every way
And they love you in every way
I don't know why
I don't know why
Track Name: Move from Babylon
Move from Babylon
You better Move from a disya Babylon
Before the wicked mon dem put a microchip in on yu arm
You better move from a disya Babylon
Before they lock out the border with a military plan
Verse 1
We nah follow dem, we nah deal with dem
Never bother with dem, never feeling dem
Coming upon the spot we teach the yout dem
Me ask the question who gwine help the children
Dem must be fool, a pure judgement fi dem
Just a brimstone and fire Selassie I fi send
Just because the diamond and the bling is the trend
Doesn't mean we have to jump of deep end
Verse 2
Dem waan put a barcode in your arm or your shoulder
Walk pon this hard road chased by vulture
Overstand how we teach the youth - roots and culture
G'way with your vaccination from me yout dem bout ya
Can't organize people and treat them like number
Just awaken the Lion of Judah from him slumber
Microchip in on me hand - you haffi prepare fi rumble
Roots and tree grow from cracks in concrete jungle
Verse 3
Now we got the proof- we got the evidence
Some of them move, some of them pack and change their residence
My money don't go to fund views of presidents
If you listen to Marcus(Garvey)- I know your sentiments
We sneak out the border- this ain't no Exodus
Cause if we Exodus they'll drop bombs next to this
We need a sniper -whole heap of perfectionist
Cause Babylon dem must be full up of exorcist
Iron staff in my hand is protecting this
Knock out four Babylonians if I flex me wrist
Rastafari give us shelter from the pestilence
And it's fir pon hard drugs ca we blessin the spliff
Verse 4
Dem intimidate - militarily
Deh waan fi lock us - unnecessarily
Deh waan fi rape up - Ann and Beverly
Deh cyaan't sing a tune to the melody
Deh waan fi turn a misdemeanor to a felony
And all their wickedness is coming from their jealousy
Dem the enemy - you know that dem no friend of me
And demma kill off Malcolm, and Martin, and Kennedy
Track Name: 2012 -PD
December 21, 2012 you better get ready Earth is going to hell
You better get down on your knees and pray because your soul's gettin taken today
The world's gonna shift to a new dimension
Are you ready for your ascension
December 21, 2012 you better get ready Earth is going to hell
(Jugg Verse 1)
I hear mysteries whispered through the leaves of distant trees
No political affiliation or inconsistencies
Can we finally organize and be persistent please?
Hybrid engines should push all these SUVs
You see we- get out the cities because the breeze contaminated
Meet soldiers in the hicks fake IDs are laminated
Instructions in graffiti- yo bredren I'm glad you made it
I told you about these devils bro - nothing's exaggerated
See America is a sore that got infected and exacerbated
Somebody took a Babylonian's neck and dem lacerate it
Make sure they can't reproduce dem get castrated
False documents were made, forged, and back dated
Oh yo it's good vs. evil in the cities and suburbs
As we head to the hills reciting African proverbs
We are guided to secret locations led by the Native Nations
Down in the caves and catacombs as old as Creation
Navajo elders teaching the rituals and habits
Navigators carried the last, broken pieces of the tablets
Fulfillment of the prophecy - ending the hypocrisy
The government means nothing- constitution is a mockery
(Jugg Verse 2)
Babylonians wicked like a horde of Barbarians
Running through the streets slicing necks like Cesareans
Type indigenous- haha- laughing at these frivolous
Westerners worshiping their materials are ridiculous
How they look envious at our cultural exquisiteness
See the snakes and serpents movements are slitherous(sic)
But Jah lick them down with brimstone obliterous(sic)
Scatter them and make them talk nuff gibberish
We had enough of their stories about knights living chivalrous
Fair maidens gnawing nuff bones- dem carnivorous
See me nah deal with dem bombacloth deliver us
From all the iniquities and all the ambivalence
The Babylon system and how it got setup
Makes me haffi get up
Fight 'gainst hypocrites and nah let up
See even through the facts dem nah fess up
So we continually do Jah works and haffi get bless up