Leave Babylon

by Juggla

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Conscious, culture Hip-Hop, Reggae, Yard-Hop, Raprobeat. If you listened to BDP, PRT, Brand Nubian, Black Moon, The Fugees, etc. and miss that "yard" style Hip-Hop with a conscious message- you need to check out Juggla.


released October 14, 2010

All tracks produced by Juggla except:
Tr. 2- Nastee, Tr.5-Jess James, Tr.6-Nick Wiz, Tr.7-Outthere,Tr.12-Def Dom, & Tr.14-PidginDroppings & Juggla.
Cuts on Tr.2 - DJ A-Dog, Tr.13-DJ Emskee
Guitar on tracks 9,13,14: James Dellatacoma
Bass on tracks 5, 7, 14: Tom Grykien
Drums on track 14: Clyde Alford
Vocals on track 14: Keykey
Keys & Vocals on track 14: Sinclair
All other instruments: Juggla
CD design & artwork: www.cr8tvmind.com
Juggla logo: KupiArt
Original concept: T.Boddie



all rights reserved


Juggla New Jersey

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Track Name: Youts of Babylon ft Wise Intelligent, Kendal, & Israyl
Youts of Babylon
The Youts of Babylon have to know what's goin on
The Youts of Jerusalem must put down their magnum pistol
Pistol, Pistol
(Jugg Verse)
Some of dem shoot, me a cry fi di yout, da youts of New Jerusalem
Army, Navy , and Marines, Blood and Crip recruitin' them
Young mind it's gun time nuff Mach-ele(mach-11) fi shoot fi dem
America is crumbling down- take di yout and keep reducing them
C.I.A. is swoopin in - Babylon start the abuse again
Confiscate the ganja and give them coke and crack and hallucinogen
Control the education take the facts and they dilutin' them
Wise Intelligent and Juggla - consciousness for the youth and them
Coming upon the spot we have to teach all the yout dem culture
Tell them what a gwaan as we avoid all them vulture
Brick City hot you know - mi nuh like what happen bout ya
Yout dem carry glock a dem too young fi gwaan like soldier
A hundred and fifty gun dem have a hundred and fifty gun and
X-amount a clip fi fire thousands of rounds and
Walk around the town you hear the distinctive sound
The same thing gonna happen 'til the gun store get shut down
(Wise Intelligent Verse)
(Israyl Verse)
(Bridge- Kendal)
Track Name: Brainwash ft. DaCapo & Jasper
(Chorus- Jasper)
It's the Brain, it's the brain, it's the brain
Wash- oh yeah-(Jasper)
Emcees don't say it, DJs don't play it
the Brainwash music- don't say it
the Brainwash music- don't play it
I come through with the linguistics of an optimistic
While some get tricked with and straight confused by statistics
We gain freedom from escaping the materialistic
Culture that persisted within the imperialistic
Views that they choose is type psuedo-scientific
Clues of why they used to abuse is straight sadistic
But our culture got foundation like a wall of hieroglyphic
Babylon simplistic- they want us listed as pessimistic
See they wanna talk about Columbus but the Moors preexisted
Wanna put people in the back of the bus but they resisted
Non-believers steady laughin' at us but we dismissed it
Hip-Hop is not about a bunch of dudes gettin' spliffted
Cause all they wanna talk about is how we smacked it and flipped it
But we chantdown Babylon with intergalactic ballistic
A real lyricist- just the last of the gifted
On a mission to get this rap audience back cause they drifted
(2nd Verse- Dacapo)
Can Obama reverse the tide
Or am I simply holding my faith in fist with pride?
Is the planet on the path of destruction
Is mental corruption creating all my truth or is something
Protecting that my vision is clear son
I’m talking 20 20 but the people don’t hear son
I try to keep it straight so I’m always in question
And when I say in question, constantly testing
What do I walk away with when staring at Jack Bauer
Redefine manhood and patriotism every hour?
Brainwashed to think about the cops as beast
Knowing well you find the wrong elements in the street
Is it – a train of thought one directional
To look at this musical genre as something solely medicinal?
Thinking that fills the conscience
Questioning keeps me safest – this is my ritual!
Track Name: Find Us ft. L.I.F.E.LONG & Jasper
Find Us
(Singing Chorus- Jasper)
Search and you Find
(Chorus- rap- Jugg & L.I.F.ELong)
You think Hip-Hop is dead you haffi Find Us
Tell selecta come back rewind us
We don't need no corporation to blind us
The whole Underground is behind us
Think Hip-Hop is dead you haffi Find Us
Tell selecta come back rewind us
We don't need no corporation to blind us
The whole Underground is behind us
(L.I.F.E.Long & Jugg Verse 1)
Hey yo let's take it back to '93 outside in front Tramps
Remember Rock Steady Uptown - blocks of kids amped
Wetlands in the basement freestyle arrangement
Spiral Lounge, Village Gate, it was like edutainment
Out in Cali - Project Blowed - they was on the same ish
City streets covered by ciphers on the pavement
Days of real Hip-Hop before corporate enslavement
College radio, graf artists, B-boys yo
Yeah I hear what your sayin- remember open mics at The Muse?
Wack emcees got abused and removed
Simpletons got confused and straight booed
We rocked the Buddha Bar and the Lyricist Lounge
Bourgeois start hearin' us now- underground was tearin' it down
Words and Hip-Hop, Nuyricans, Rocky and Bobbito
The solution, the evolution so the culture can reach you
Continuously speakin' Black, White, Dominican, and Puerto Rican
E.O. DUB grab the torch and that's the End of the Weak en...
Nowadays it's like the culture's lost
Innovation and style to the back is tossed
Music paid its cost
Cassettes to CDs, iTunes and MP3s
Hip-Hop now in a New Wave digital society
Yeah Clear Channel ain't got their eye on me- they ain't buying me
Now they're lockin' down radio stations and venues denying me
Yo you gotta Find Us- sift through the rough and get diamonds
Cause we gave you the culture- the companies didn't design us
(Chorus & Singing Hook)
Hey yo before ProTools we had reel to reel - DATs
Not every Tom, Dick, and Harry emceed
It was a conscious movement to educate seeds
Now we blinded by glitz, glamour and salaries
Well if it's all about a salary then I'm a L.I.F.E.Long Juggla
Like the night to the morning when the herbman hustla
Took the mic from the boring and then we gave it to a sufferer
Then came the lights and the touring and the crowd of people rushing ya
Hey yo find us through the storm beneath the trenches
Under the bleachers and stuck under benches
Searching for that real sound ancestors left us
From Kemet to Kingston - South Bronx to Brixton
Hip-Hop - I loved H.E.R. - until she became a vixen
Promotin' violence and negativity leaving the consciousness hidden
Exploited - I seen through the lens of the camera
Stolen by these hands of corporations and amateurs
Yeah we shrink these Babylonian ways with the rays of Gamera
Some of the best emcees lean against the hallway banister
Hip-Hop pioneers gone broke and empty like a paint canister
But now we know the time like Benjamin Banneker
Me nah care about your Myspace or Facebook or manager
Take a Stronghold crew fi come through and haffi damage ya
Sirius satellite you gwaan hear us round the planet ya
A bere(pure) professional we nah deal with no amateurs
(Chorus & Singing Hook)
Track Name: Fela-Sophy ft. Preme Wyz & Wanlov the Kubolor
(Chorus Jugg and Preme Wyz)
Fela-Sophy this is Raprobeat prophecy
Everybody waan come rock with we
As we chantdown this ya hypocrisy- yeah responsibly
(Jugg Verse)
Black president, Kalakuta resident
Archeologist are sifting through the sediment
Anthropologist are looking for the evidence
But all their intelligence is simply irrelevant
Fela-Sophy can't be broken down to elements
Soul, Purpose, Ideas, Reverence
Take a look around you see the Zombie on the premises
Perambulating about with all the pessimists
Always wanna open your mouth and start to question this
Holding on to all of the doubt - you're steady vexing us
Raprobeat is the new sound and it's infecting us
People wanna gather around and start protecting us
Fifty deep in Winnebagos headed down to Lagos
Spinning like whirlwinds through cities like tornados
He who carries death in his pouch - Anikulapo
Prem Wyz, Wanlov, and me Juggla-Kuti-yo
(Preme Wyz Verse)
From the Mali empire to the IMF debt
I came a long way like a walk from Tibet
Fightin beasts of no nation like a black president
A new Hannibal in Babylon riding elephants
My breath be the dancing, soul be the chanting
Spit Felasophy as the sun of the Manding(Mandinka)
Shining from above and below the seed planting
Reflect off the moon at night for overstanding
And spotlight Leviathan for deprogramming
Our people,  Yoruba, you're Hausa or you're Igbo,
Fula, we equal
There's more i didn't mention 'cause the Abdullah see o
We navigate the planet with a ship full of griot's
Commandin the mic
Fulfilling Bob's prophecy when Africa unite...eeyyeh!
Commandin the mic
Fulfilling Bob's prophecy when Africa unite!
(Wanlov the Kubolor Verse)
Track Name: Move ft. Sinclair
Move ft Sinclair
Marcus Garvey words come to pass
Marcus Garvey words come to pass
You better Move from a disya Babylon
Before the wicked mon dem put a microchip in on yu arm
You better move from a disya Babylon
Before they lock out the border with a military plan
We nah follow dem, we nah deal with dem
Never bother with dem, never feeling dem
Coming upon the spot we teach the yout dem
Me ask the question who gwine help the children
Dem must be fool, a pure judgement fi dem
Just a brimstone and fire Selassie I fi send
Just because the diamond and the bling is the trend
Doesn't mean we have to jump of deep end
Dem waan put a barcode in your arm or your shoulder
Walk pon this hard road chased by vulture
Overstand how we teach the youth - roots and culture
G'way with your vaccination from me yout dem bout ya
Can't organize people and treat them like number
Just awaken the Lion of Judah from him slumber
Microchip in on me hand - you haffi prepare fi rumble
Roots and tree grow from cracks in concrete jungle
Now we got the proof- we got the evidence
Some of them move, some of them pack and change their residence
My money don't go to fund views of presidents
If you listen to Marcus(Garvey)- I know your sentiments
We sneak out the border- this ain't no Exodus
Cause if we Exodus they'll drop bombs next to this
We need a sniper -whole heap of perfectionist
Cause Babylon dem must be full up of exorcist
Iron staff in my hand is protecting this
Knock out four Babylonians if I flex me wrist
Rastafari give us shelter from the pestilence
And it's fir pon hard drugs ca we blessin the spliff
Dem intimidate - militarily
Deh waan fi lock us - unnecessarily
Deh waan fi rape up - Ann and Beverly
Deh cyaan't sing a tune to the melody
Deh waan fi turn a misdemeanor to a felony
And all their wickedness is coming from their jealousy
Dem the enemy - you know that dem no friend of me
And demma kill off Malcolm, and Martin, and Kennedy
Marcus Garvey words come to pass
Marcus Garvey words come to pass
Track Name: Reggae Rock
Reggae Rock
See the rock and soul
See the reggae and roll
This kind of music take full control
See the rock and soul
See the reggae and roll
Half the story has never been told
Juggla pon the hit parade
Kind of vibes that insight a raid
Vibes make you light a blaze
Recall the golden age
The sound the ghetto made
Roots from the olden days
Starting all the new dance craze while same time giving Jah Jah praise
(Verse 1)
In a disya Babylon, me a di music mon
No lip sync business a gwaan me never sing along
Know me as a veteran with the mic in on me hand
Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae, Dancehall, this a new, new brand
Shabba and Ninja Man, Pinchers and Barrington
Bounty and Beenie Man, Sizzla and Capleton
Culture that we overstand, music is I religion
Vibes from the underground me mek me own decision
You sight a baldhead mon, but me gwaan like Rastaman
We join together as one pon this ya stolen land
We fight 'gainst Babylon - Zion is the Holy Land
Sight me empress now me love the way she hold me down
Listen to what the prophets say - Hip-Hop and nuff Reggae
Soul Train is coming our way- James Brown and Marvin Gaye
Nuff yout dem gone astray, nuff people get betray
Turn your sight pon culture music if you want a better day
Music haffi stimulate, so the yout dem emulate
Gun talk did fascinate, gun talk did desecrate
Corporation infiltrate, devil dem penetrate
From Nineteen how long Hip-Hop start fi dominate
Remember BDP, Remember PRT
Brand Nubian, Black Moon and then the Refugees
And Public Enemy fight against brutality
Tupac pon the West Coast - him flingin down reality
Jah is the Lion of Judah - Juggwise from a New Jersey
Inna New Jerusalem justice pon dis ya journey
Ju-Jitsui in a Japan, jeopardy in a Jamdown
Wall fall like Jericho - music mek we calm down
And the music, and the music, we a talkin to me bredren
Music is the weapon fi di yout dem and me sistren
We nah go fall victim, to the devil and the shitstem
So me beg the youth fi look and me beg the youth fi listen
Track Name: Knock Pon Wall remix ft. Israyl
Knock Pon Wall
(Chorus Jugg & Israyl)
This original Knock Pon Wall
This tune a mek di gyaal dem ball
This tune a mek Babylon fall
Everybody haffi Knock Pon Wall
(Jugg Verse 1)
Knock pon table and knock pon door
Knock pon wall and knock pon floor
See dem pon water and see dem pon shore
See the Babylon and pure skull demma bore
Wicked man - me cyaan tek it no more
Rarrrrr- Lion Zion roar
See them separate rich from poor
But we bring it back together and settle the score
Israyl Verse 1
(Jugg Verse 2)
See di gyal dem get excited inna dancehall dem haffi ball
With on lick watch ar(her) bruck it down like Berlin or Jericho wall
Soon she walk through entrance hall she take over like hurricane squall
Man dem a drop and crawl when she put one in on the air and say "Babylon Fall!"
(Israyl Verse 2 )
(Jugg Verse 3
Deh no know bout nothin' man dem a bluffin'
Find a wall and knock pon something
Fat Babylon dem live like glutton
Mi nah nyam(eat) pork, beef, or mutton
Juggla Communist like a Russian
Mashin' microphone that me touchin'
Me nah deal with fighting or fussin'
No more time for bloodcloth discussion
Track Name: Reach Zion ft. Kendal, Jasper, & Israyl
Reach Zion
(Chorus Kendal & Jasper)
We are free if we want- we can reach for Zion
We are free...if we want
We are free if we want- Are we free?
(Jugg Verse 1)
Try fi reach Mt Zion but I'll never be a Zionist
Heart like a lion and pon mi side is a lioness
Technological age get approached like a scientist
Use some of these Babylonian tools for defying this
Leave this Western way of life physically or emotionally
Words of nuff greats from dub plates I hold close to me
Damn they're misquotin' me but my fans are promotin' me
And after I leave this place you could chant with the ghost of me
See me nah deal with Pope John Paul or Pope Mon Benedict
Me a deal with Ras Makonnnen and the Negus Menelik
King of Kings, elect of God spreading African etiquette
Similar to the Trinity- New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
I rate from the Tri-state and from this place we migrate
Promote culture and you see a dip in the crime rate
See me a baldhead but me have a Nyabinghi mind state
Select me dubplate and watch empress hips gyrate
(Jugg Verse 2)
Axumite Kingdom near the mountains of Lasta
Solomonic ancestry Selassie I Rasta
It's obvious who built the original obelisk
At the base of the tomb is King Ezana sarcophogus
It's ominous how the Europeans tried to topple this
But here is the reason Ethiopia remained autonomous
Here come Menelik the II with the power of King Solomon
And the Queen Makeda of Sheba- the bloodline's astonishing
With the Ras and the Negus the army starts demolishing
With the Shewa and the powerful Orominya following
Italians tried to advance and reach Addis Ababa
But they got cut off and crushed at the Battle of Adwa
See they don't understand Ge'ez still spoken by Tigrinya
Outnumbered by the united peoples of Ancient Abyssinia
So come sistren come bredren - trod on fi Zion
Cause one way or another we gwine Leave Babylon
(Prayer by Israyl)
(Amharic Prayer by Israyl)
Track Name: In On Di Air ft. Solid Ground(Big Zoo & Nonezeo)
In On Di Air
(Verse Big Zoo and Nonzeo)
I'm into sending a scout and then doubling back
I'm into makin' moves forward but cover the track
I'm into investigation - uncovering facts
Into the history of what they done done to the Blacks
What they done to the poor - they wicked to the core
First it's handshakes then it's lay down get on the floor
And they chaining your throat - then you up on the boat
Then it's hello America- that's all she wrote
This is a group of people puttin they fist in
And on 3 repeatin' the phrase in unison
A unit overachieving to reach one goal
By combining the spirit with the mind, body, and soul
Defeatin' the undefeated- beating the unbeaten
Awaken the undead- awoken but still sleepin'
Frontline front seatin- the history repeatin'
Bringing it back to when we all fought for a reason
Cause we all on the same level fightin for freedom
And we all tempted by the devil fightin them demons
From catchin a break down and catchin a beaten
And find those with like mind- form an allegiance
Form a weather-proof unit that lasts for all seasons
The power is prime now it's time for unleashin'
Darwin disciple- scope on the rifle
We kill competition and take ya title
(Chorus- Jugg, None, & Zoo)
Gun in di air- one in on di air
Fist in on di air - dibi sound stand clear
Gun in di air- one in on di air
Fist in on di air - dibi sound
Gun in di air- one in on di air
Fist in on di air - Babylon stand clear
Gun in di air- one in on di air
Fist in on di air - Babylon
(Jugg Verse)
We juggle two for ten cause yo we gotta boost the business
Me and Hip-Hop and just like roots and culture and the Guinness
Stage is a war - then the mic booth is a scrimmage
We come fi wake the town here come the Red Coats the British
Cause what England start yo American waan fi finish
Babylon microchip you know they try to shoot stuff in us
We come with Yard-talk cause we got the roots up in us
And leave this wilderness before this whole place diminish
The E the O and the Dub the None, the Zoo, and the Jugg
The gun, the clip, and the slug- let me tell you wha a gwaan
The fist, the one in the air- the kick, the hat, and the snare
Just when you thought it left we got the culture music here-YO
Dibi sound and Babylon- send dem down with Vatican
Mash dem with the mic in me hand- overstand we fightin' the man
Try fi dash the rights of the man- Jah know that no right fi di man
Meditation pon Zion - reach new heights fi di man.
Stand clear Big Zoo a talk
None pon the sound and Juggla pon the track
Stand clear Big Zoo a talk
Watch out - we run New York
Dibi sound come - we bust em off the block
Stand clear Big Zoo a talk
None pon the sound and Juggla pon the track
Stand clear Big Zoo a talk
Watch out - we run New York
E.O.W. come - we buss up di block
In On Di Air is a Raprobeat song about fighting the Babylon system with music. At the same time it fights down Babylon it also squashes "dibi sound" or a wack sound system or set.
Track Name: Jah Works
Jah Works
(Jugg Verse1)
Juggla with the mic in on mi hand
See how we chantdown this ya Babylon
Mi never like that bloodcloth man
Look how deh live and how dem a gwaan
George StickaBush and all him gang
911 and dem lickle plan
Whole heap a ting that me cyaant overstand
What a bloodcloth rum-pum-pum-pum
See di man named Uncle Sam waan go Holy Land and be in command
See dem waan fi control dat and kill Iraqi mon and chase Afghan
This is what I understand - gas and oil is under sand
Lightning and thunder mon - mash up all dem wonderland
Lightning and thunder it's Jah Works, it's Jah Works
Genetic food no it Nah Work, it Nah Work
Sunshine in the morning it's Jah Works, it's Jah Works
All this global warming it Nah Work, it Nah Work
(Jugg Verse 2)
When the Earth get red hot
People nah see food in the pot
We must pray fi di raindrop
And put Babylon to a stop Babylon haffi stop
Too much yout dem get shot (cha)
Down in on di ghetto or the best block
When you pull into the rest stop- search fi di best spot
Fast food full of fat - wind up with di chest clot
Bloodcloth pressure yu heart, leave stretch mark, heart attack
Teeth dem rot, stomach full of gas, bubble in yu belly a run yu ras
Genetic food it test you and it stress you and depress you
Never know say Jah Jah bless you, Ital food to the rescue
(Jugg Verse 3)
Dem melt Mt Kilimanjaro all the youth dem be in sorrow
When water stop trickle down what the people gwine do tomorrow
Survival narrow all the village in the valley get paro (paranoid)
We must be green cyan't run these machine Babylon dem must be hollow, well then
Dem melt the ice in Alaska - water rise and cause disaster
We can't compute why them pollute flood and storm come much faster
You better try pray for the pastor while you treat planet Earth like a bastard
All you think about is money and prosper - better go satta and live like a Rasta
Lightning and thunder Jah Works
Genetic food it Nah Work
Sunshine in the morning Jah Works
All this global warming Nah Work
Track Name: Know How Fi Chat
Know How Fi Chat
Know how fi chat you better know how fi chat
(U no know dat)
Know how fi chat you better know how fi chat
(U know see dat)
Know how fi chat you better know how fi chat
(A nah lie dat)
Know how fi chat you better know how fi chat
(Jugg Verse 1)
Some of dem mix and some dem brown and some a dem white and black
Ca den some a dem spit and some a dem rap and some of dem haffi chat
Well some a dem East and some of dem West and some a dem North or South
When the Juggla pick up the microphone you never get it back- beca[use]
Gyaal in the front and gyaal in the back me giving dem heart attack-yes
Some a dem crunk and some a dem clown and some a dem bring it back-well
Some a dem bounce and some a dem screw some originate pon di track
But the ting you better know is that this is all Hip-Hop
Some a dem shock and some dem sting and some a dem lick two shot
Ca some a dem knife and some a dem razor some a dem waan fi chop
Well some a dem nine and some a dem gat and some a dem hold the glock
But inna disya Babylon you better put it pon lock
See dem soldier and dem cop- how dem wicked pon the block
Whether you are Hip-Hop or dreadlock- then you see them pon the attack
And dem disrespect the crop and they cyaant overstand how we chat
So you never holla back to them dutty bombacloth
So when we talkin the talk I say you better overstand
And when comin to the DUB(EOW) you see we resurrect the plan
So we gettin the cash in the hand and we gettin the house and the land
But we listen to the street deh for the information
Me nah want the lies, me nah want the news, me no listen to politician
Well some a dem war and some a dem cash some Armagideon
Well some a dem school and some a dem street for the education
But the most important thing is we communication
Know how fi chat - know how fi talk
Know how fi walk- know how fi shock
Know how fi rock - know how fi rap
Know bout Hip-Hop because we know fi chat- yeah
Track Name: Swine Flu ft Breez Evahflowin
Swine Flu
You got the swine flu- who got the swine flu
You get the swine flu when Babylon dem a pass through
You got the swine flu- who got the swine flu
You get the swine flu when Babylon dem a pass through
Mon dem lock you dem have di swine flu
Mon dem lock you all a dem bwoys in blue
Lock you dem have di swine flu
Mon dem lock you all a dem bwoys in blue
(Jugg Verse 1)
Understand to crime fight you gotta have your mind right
But that blue wall wasn't designed right it gives them blind sight
But hind sight is 20/ 20 it's about the money money
Jerk the shitstem and workers comp makes it sunny sunny
Vacationin while more youth get erased again
Lives are wasted en whole blocks are disgraced again
The poor get replaced again displaced again
Gentricationin' bulldoze - more space again
History gets misplaced again a whole race of men
They in the basement with an ankle bracelet that's tracin them
Look through the window casement officer got a mason friend
With an ice grill I wonder when and if the hatred will end
Amadou Diallo and Dorismond's in my chorus lines
I got porous rhymes that are holy for these lawless times
Americans all lined up in the sausage grind
Yeah decipher the cipher yu wicked bloodclot babylon
Oscar Grant got shot on the Fruitvale B.A.R.T station
Overstand di yout have no weapon in on him hand
Dem regular trademark whether u nigerian or jamaican
Blacked out town car come fi get me but mi gone
(Breez Verse)
(Jugg Verse 2)
Some a dem a go tek out dem taser and some a dem try fi shock you
Some a dem don't care dem just draw and shot you
Dem have stun gun and nuff stick fi knock you
And hand cuff tight pon yu wrist they lock you
Soon as they see dreadlocks dem mock you
Disrespect yu locks and start assault you
But mi a baldhead and dem a watch me too
Say me in di wrong place and try fi subdue
A bere(pure) segregation divide di avenue
But now tinger start mix up like ital strew
An babylon get confused and turn rude
An walk wit chip pon shoulder inn a bad mood
An big up dem chest like deh have suttin fi prove
Corruption and brutality must remove
Den community relation must improve
So peace and safety is long overdue
Track Name: Emcees Worldwide
Emcees Worldwide
A one two three three to two one
New Jerusalem a where we come from
If you know wha a gwaan then you know we haffi bun(burn)
And teach all the yout with the education
Off beat- we walk pon coal with soft feet
Never overstand how them pay less for dark meat
Who no know how dem see it- who no see how dem galong
Sinting(something) wrong inna disya Babylon
Babylonians- them on the wrong path yo Pavonian Station
Newark Journal Square yeah we changing...
Trains of thought get derailed and erased when
Things are burned in the basement - we attackin' complacence
Society gluttonous- dem try buckin this
But we touch up that grill like percussionists
Rat a tat tat - we Cold Crushin this
It's these bombacloth politicians' trickery that's suckerish
Say something today - do something else tomorrow
The Caucusus' shame leaving New Orleans in sorrow
You talk about Egypt- but ask 'em about Axum
See we do all the work while they sick back relaxin'
Rippin' the scene while your girl's flickin' the bean
We bring the Lions and Tigers like a Michigan team
You gettin type knowledge like you listened to Preme(Wyz)
But I throw up on the Statue cause I'm sick of the dream
From Spain to New York, (New) Jerusalem and back again
Emcees Worldwide tell you wha a gwaan- what's happening
Every musical genre- yo we surpassing them
And these shameless world leaders- intellectually attackin' em
Africa to New York - Jerusalem and back again
Emcees Worldwide tell you wha a gwaan- what's happening
Every musical genre- yo we surpassing them
And these shameless world leaders- intellectually attackin' em
(Jugg Verse 2)
Back to square one- kick, hat and snare son
Back in the day you shoot a fair one - you wear one-haha
Yeah you never lost a fight? you Mr. Toughguy?
Twelve years ago a backhand bust your eye
And any given day it could be your turn- yours to burn
Happens too much and then we all concerned
We start questioning society but never question the people that be tryin' me
Them tryin' my nerves- yo they watchin when ya buyin the herb
They watching when you fryin' them birds
But nobody saw when they were flying over Jers?
You know exactly what talk bout when me run me mouth
You better sit and drink a Guinness Stout and figure it out
Bere(pure) devils run this bombacloth shitstem
Told you back in '95 but nobody waan listen
Wicked Babylon shall fall got dem yout with dem back against the wall
Juggla haffi ball
This is Garvey talk - Bob Marley talk
Nuff rudebwoy a say, "Lord him talk nuff Yardi talk"
When I come back pon the spot like that it's quite fat
When I write that and then they bite that
Hey yo it's Juggla time, gyals bubble and wine
Can't spare a nickel but give my brother a dime
Yo we struggle with rhymes haha- some of the time
But I always tell the youts that this is troublin' time
Track Name: 2012 ft. Pidgin Droppings & Sinclair
(Chorus - Keykey)
December 21, 2012 you better get ready Earth is going to hell
You better get down on your knees and pray because your soul's gettin taken today
The world's gonna shift to a new dimension
Are you ready for your ascension
December 21, 2012 you better get ready Earth is going to hell
(Jugg Verse 1)
I hear mysteries whispered through the leaves of distant trees
No political affiliation or inconsistencies
Can we finally organize and be persistent please?
Hybrid engines should push all these SUVs
You see we- get out the cities because the breeze contaminated
Meet soldiers in the hicks fake IDs are laminated
Instructions in graffiti- yo bredren I'm glad you made it
I told you about these devils bro - nothing's exaggerated
See America is a sore that got infected and exacerbated
Somebody took a Babylonian's neck and dem lacerate it
Make sure they can't reproduce dem get castrated
False documents were made, forged, and back dated
Oh yo it's good vs. evil in the cities and suburbs
As we head to the hills reciting African proverbs
We are guided to secret locations led by the Native Nations
Down in the caves and catacombs as old as Creation
Navajo elders teaching the rituals and habits
Navigators carried the last, broken pieces of the tablets
Fulfillment of the prophecy - ending the hypocrisy
The government means nothing- constitution is a mockery
(Jugg Verse 2)
Babylonians wicked like a horde of Barbarians
Running through the streets slicing necks like Cesareans
Type indigenous- haha- laughing at these frivolous
Westerners worshiping their materials are ridiculous
How they look envious at our cultural exquisiteness
See the snakes and serpents movements are slitherous(sic)
But Jah lick them down with brimstone obliterous(sic)
Scatter them and make them talk nuff gibberish
We had enough of their stories about knights living chivalrous
Fair maidens gnawing nuff bones- dem carnivorous
See me nah deal with dem bombacloth deliver us
From all the iniquities and all the ambivalence
The Babylon system and how it got setup
Makes me haffi get up
Fight 'gainst hypocrites and nah let up
See even through the facts dem nah fess up
So we continually do Jah works and haffi get bless up